Apex Legends

Excellent change to ping system suggested for Apex Legends Season 4

by Calum Patterson


A creative Apex Legends fan has devised a simple yet hugely effective change for the looting and pinging system, which would save players both time and energy.

As with any battle royale, taking care of your inventory is crucial for success in Apex Legends. The innovative 'ping' feature was quickly borrowed by Fortnite, and it was one of the main points of praise when Apex first launched.

However, there is still room for improvement, some players have argued. Now almost a full year since release, Apex has made plenty of improvements to looting, but this change could be the most impactful yet.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Loot is one of the most crucial aspects of any BR, and it could still be improved in Apex.


Currently, when you have something in your inventory that you would like to ping for a teammate, you first have to drop it to the ground, ping, and then pick it up again.

Clearly, in the heat of battle, this can waste precious time and make you vulnerable. So, one thoughtful player has suggested that simply allowing you to ping items from your backpack - without dropping them first.

"Allow players to ping items directly from the inventory, without having to drop them on the ground," the Reddit post explains, "this would allow you to continue to carry the items and only drop them if teammates need them."


As it's such a simple idea, it's peculiar that the developers themselves haven't already implemented such a tool, unless there is a reason unknown to players.

It would require another option in the menu, which could potentially be cumbersome, but is surely worth the trade-off for such an effective change to looting and inventory management.

It would be especially beneficial to players on controller as opposed to keyboard and mouse, who already complain that their looting system is a lot less efficient.


The community has been pouring out a variety of fresh ideas and quality of life changes for Apex Legends, with Season 4 right around the corner.

Set to start on February 4 (the one-year anniversary of release), the fourth season could feature other player suggestions, such as this simple change to how banners work, as well as much-needed balancing tweaks.