Epic Loba cosplay gets seal of approval from Apex Legends actor

loba cosplay apex legendsmediaratz via scarletrosecosplay Instagram / Respawn Entertainment

An immaculate cosplay for Loba incorporated all the bells and whistles one would expect from the Translocating Thief and got the seal of approval from an Apex Legends voice actor, to boot.

Apex fans routinely show up with some of the best cosplays online by recreating every Legend from Mirage to Octane using an insane amount of craftsmanship and attention to details.

What’s more, the voice acting cast for Apex Legends love to interact with fans of all kinds and it’s a treat to see talent mix when a particular piece of art catches their attention.

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There’s a ton of love in the Apex community for its creative fans and this Loba costume was no exception, leading to an exceptionally wholesome moment between cosplayer and an actor for the game.

Over on Instagram, cosplayer ‘scarletrosecosplay’ showed off the latest look at their incredible Loba outfit they pulled together.

The design instantly popped off with Apex fans, but it also got an enthusiastic shout out from Erika Ishii, Valkyrie’s voice actor in the game.

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“My wife!” Ishii said. “This is phenomenal. You look amazing! Thank you for making such cool art for this thing I love.”

The convo lasted even longer in DMs after the cosplayer reached out, teasing an upcoming Omatsuri Fury Valkyrie skin design that they are keen to complete.

Going by their first cosplay for Loba, Ishii may be in for a huge treat if ScarletRose gets around to donning one of the best cosmetics for Valkyrie in the game.

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Apex Legends fans put in hours of work to give the battle royale’s cast a breath of new life with every creation, and the level of dedication shows from a lot of designs that come out of the community.

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