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Easy Octane trick lets you Stim without taking damage in Apex Legends

Published: 27/Apr/2022 14:08

by Alex Garton


A simple Octane trick in Apex Legends allows you to cancel the damage from Stim by using a consumable at the correct moment.

Typically, the popularity of characters in Apex Legends changes over time depending on their place within the meta, buffs & nerfs, as well as their role in the game’s story.

However, there are a select few Legends that have remained extremely popular since their arrival in the Outlands, and one of them is Octane.

With a kit that centers around mobility, the High-speed Daredevil may be fun to play, but he has an array of intricate techniques that can take countless hours to learn.


Well, a new trick has been discovered for Octane, and it allows players to completely negate the damage from his Stim Tactical.

Apex Legends Octane Tactical
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Octane is the second most popular Legend in Season 12.

How to cancel Stim damage on Octane in Apex Legends

Some of the most effective techniques in Apex are extremely simple, and that’s certainly the case for this Octane Stim trick demonstrated by YouTuber RossBobSquirrel.

Usually, Octane’s Tactical Stim will grant you a boost of movement speed but in return, it will slowly take away your health for the duration that is it active.

Luckily, there’s a way to completely negate this damage by simply activating Stim just before you’ve finished using a consumable.


This will give you the boost of speed but also cancel the tick damage you would usually lose from using the Tactical. If you’re looking for a demonstration, check out the video below.

Although this trick will not be particularly useful in between gunfights, it will be absolutely essential during an intense skirmish.

The health lost from Stim could be the difference-maker between you picking up a kill or getting eliminated from a match.

So, if you’re an Octane main, jump into the Firing Range and learn this trick as soon as possible, it could secure you an extra few wins.