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Apex Legends

EA’s war on Apex Legends cheaters just got even more serious

Published: 23/Jul/2019 8:39 Updated: 23/Jul/2019 8:57

by Connor Bennett


Electronic Arts, the publishers behind Apex Legends, are stepping up the fight against cheaters and hackers by developing their own anti-cheat team.

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Like the vast majority of multiplayer titles, Apex Legends has suffered through a number of issues with cheats and exploits. Respawn Entertainment has already banned an eye-watering number of hackers and even taken their “war on cheaters” to the next level with new learning software.

Yet, that hasn’t stopped those players who want to cheat from cheating – as some even take the misstep of showing off their cheats to the world via Twitch. Now, though, it appears as if both EA and Respawn are looking to consign cheaters to the trash once and for all and rid Kings Canyon of its problem. 


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Hackers have even shown off their Apex Legends cheat live on stream.

On July 22, EA posted an Anti-Cheat Program Manager position to Hitmarker Jobs, stating that they’re on the hunt for a “highly skilled Anti-Cheat Program Manager” who can help drive “various security initiatives” solely for Apex. 

Whoever takes on the role will be tasked with clamping down on everything from low-level in-game cheaters to people who sell exploits, but do so without taking down the wider Apex community. There will also be an opportunity to build a “dedicated studio anti-cheat team from the ground up,” so only the best of the best will nr working on stamping out the in-game exploits.


Hitmarker JobsEA are taking their war on Apex cheats very seriously.
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Of course, cheating isn’t the only big issue affecting Apex Legends at the moment – with the community currently up in the arms about the game’s current shift in meta

While cheaters are rewarded with insane accuracy, invincibility, or even knowing the location of enemy players, non-aggressive players and campers are being showered in ranked points for not taking fights and surviving until the late game.

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Unlike cheating, this new meta issue isn’t something that either EA or Respawn can stamp out with new software or a brand-new team dedicated to the issue.