EA responds after Apex Legends pros & streamers forced to cover ALGS Split 2 travel costs

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EA has issued a response and agreed to cover travel expenses for Apex Legends pros after the community rallied together in light of a concerning ALGS Split 2 Playoff announcement.

With the Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 Playoffs coming up in Sweden, 40 of the best teams around the globe are set to fly out one of the first major LAN events in recent years.

Players across North and South America, EMEA, along with APAC North and South have all been competing in lengthy qualifiers in hopes of reaching this million-dollar event. However, not all successful teams were shown the same level of support upon qualifying.

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At first, EA was allegedly set to cover the costs of flights and accommodation for just 19 teams, according to Liquipedia editor ApexFlatline.’

Outrage quickly ensued as remaining teams were forced to find their own funding and pay their own way to Stockholm. 

Apex pros & streamers support top ALGS teams

“EA will be paying for the expenses only for the top five teams in APAC North, EMEA, and NA and top 2 teams in APAC South and SA,” ApexFlatline revealed in a March 30 Reddit post.

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Given the costs associated with flying out from various regions, they claimed many established esports organizations “aren’t willing” to cover the expenses for their players.

Before long, many top Apex Legends pros and streamers were chiming in and showing their support. While some called on EA to resolve the issue, others put their own money forward to help those in need.

“Everyone deserves to compete. It’s more than just a video game,” 100 Thieves star NiceWigg shared on Twitter after donating $3,000 to SCRY, an orgless team that finished among the top 10 in North America in Split 2.

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NRG also reached out, claiming it would cover hotel and travel costs in order to ensure the very best teams make it to LAN.

It’s very disappointing seeing a billion-dollar company not sticking up for players like it should be,” Twitch streamer NICKMERCS chimed in. “Let’s get some travel stipends going for pros!”

EA agrees to cover ALGS travel costs

Hours after these posts and many others caught fire, EA addressed the concern and issued a full response on Twitter.

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“We’ve heard your feedback regarding travel,” the official Apex Esports account said.

“As a result, we’ve made the decision to cover travel expenses for all starting players participating at live events for the remainder of Year 2.”

Not only does this change ensure all 40 teams will be taken care of for the upcoming ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in Sweden, but it also puts to rest any worries that funding for future events will once again come into question.

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All remaining Apex tournaments for the rest of 2022 will now cover costs for players traveling in, regardless of which region they’re from.