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Dr Disrespects roasts “terrible” Apex Legends UI after slamming mouse in rage

Published: 9/May/2022 6:00 Updated: 9/May/2022 4:19

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


After losing a shootout and slamming his mouse on his desk, Dr Disrespect roasted Apex Legends’ “terrible UI,” claiming it’s “too colorful” and blends too many different things together.

Dr Disrespect’s love-hate relationship with Apex is well-established at this point. Throughout the years, he’s criticized various aspects of the game, including audio issues, clunky gameplay, how long the time-to-kill takes, and plenty more.

The two-time even “guaranteed” he’d never play it again at one point in 2020. However, he changed his stance the following year, admitting he “actually loves” it. He even claimed Warzone 2 could learn a thing or two from Apex Legends.


But just when it looked like his feelings toward the game were on the mend, he flipped out on stream after losing a shootout, slamming his mouse on his desk in the process and criticizing the game’s user interface.

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Dr Disrespect’s love-hate relationship with Apex Legends continues.

In the lead-up to his meltdown, Doc vaulted over a wall and rushed an enemy squad after using Eye of the Allfather as Bloodhound. Unfortunately for the YouTube streamer, their violence, speed, and momentum matched his, and they felled the beast.

Doc stood up and slammed his mouse on his desk. Then, he watched them take out the rest of his squad. “Sometimes, this f**king game is just…” he said, struggling to find the words. “I’m just getting f**king melted!”


This prompted some viewers to tell him to calm down. He refused and instead heaped more criticism on the game. “No, I won’t f**king calm down. I am going to describe [this game]. It’s f**king terrible.”

“The UI is terrible. It’s too colorful. Look at this thing. What’s the fiction of this game? Transformers blended with He-Man blended with Batman blended with Aliens blended with Predator, and blended
with [everything else].”

“I mean, what is the fiction of this game? It’s ugly looking. The UI is ugly. I’ve got so much VFX on my face. I shoot shields all day and all night, just to have some controller guy f**king hip fire me with his eyes closed.”


The relevant part of the video starts at 5:45.

Fortunately for Doc, Season 13 is around the corner. It’s set to shake things up, including the addition of a new legend. So, if he decides to hang in there for a little longer, the changes might be enough to win back his affection.

If not, there’s always Fortnite Zero Build Mode, which the two-time is fond of. However, he doesn’t think it’s perfect either and has some ideas on how to make it better, including one inspired by an Apex Legends feature.