Dr Disrespect storms off stream in rage over Apex Legends audio issues

Dr Disrespect raging at Apex LegendsDr Disrespect, Twitch / Respawn

Dr Disrespect has returned to Apex Legends ahead of Season 4 and has already lashed out at the game’s audio, following a devastating death. 

The popular variety streamer has given a number of titles a try in recent times, anything from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Escape from Tarkov. But, during a broadcast on February 3, he decided to give Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game another go.

It didn’t take long, however, for the Two-Time Blockbuster video game champion to remind himself of one of the issues that may have driven him away from Apex in the first place – the audio.

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Dr Disrespect ragingDr Disrespect, Twitch
Dr Disrespect has raged at a number of Apex Legends features in the past, including audio, weapons and more.

The Doc was playing as Lifeline during the stream, but with just five squads left and his teammates needing a revive, he was completely outnumbered.

With the odds already stacked against the Twitch star, he found himself right in the middle of a group of players – relying on the sounds coming through his headset to tell if any enemies were nearby.

After taking shots at a Pathfinder, but not finishing them off, it was only a matter of time before somebody snuk up behind him to put him out of his misery. Seconds later, his squad was eliminated. He screamed: “Where’s the audio? Where the f**k’s the audio? Where is it?” before storming off camera.

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Right after that devastating death, Doc’s vintage loading screen appeared showing his head bounce from one side of the screen to the other, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his return. He soon came back, too, but just continued as normal – grabbing a bite to eat.

He added: “Fighting two guys and either that was a third or that was one of the two guys, but either way, I should have heard the person behind me.”

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Dr Disrespect might not be the only player that’s hoping Apex Legends’ audio improves with the game’s next major update on February 4, which will see a brand new legend, Revenant, added to the game as part of Season 4.

Whether or not he’ll stick by the game during this time and give it another chance remains to be seen, but it’s always entertaining when he jumps into the Apex Games.

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