Dr Disrespect pinpoints “terrible” Apex Legends issue Respawn need to fix

Dr Disrespect on streamYT: Dr Disrespect

Moustached YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has pinpointed Apex Legends’ one problem that needs rapid attention, calling on Respawn developers to fix it as soon as possible. 

The Doc has long been uniquely positioned to offer opinions on video game development, with his days prior to full-time streaming being filled as a level designer at Sledgehammer Games.

We’re also looking ahead to his own game release, known as Project Moon. He often steps back into development mode when assessing games, something he did so again during a July 8 YouTube stream to outline his major issue with Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends’ audio has long been a problem for players.

Dr Disrespect calls on Respawn to rework Apex Legends’ audio

Praising Warzone for their recent improvements to the battle royale’s audio, he lamented the lack of comparable changes in Apex Legends and claimed it is the foremost issue that Respawn need to get a handle on.

“Then it [Warzone’s improvements] made me realize how terrible Apex’s audio is,” he said. “I always thought Apex’s audio was great, it really isn’t. You miss so much audio it’s insane… I think Respawn’s really gotta sit down with the design team and really define every single motion and movement from all the different characters, whether they’re in the air, they’re flying towards you, they’re flying away, they’re landing, you hear the ability going off.”

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Timestamp: 17:05

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He continued: “I think everything should have a sense of audio design because man, there’s a lot of times [when it lets you down]… There’s so many times where I’m like ‘where is the audio?’… I didn’t have one issue playing Warzone, with audio. Apex, super noticeable man. I had two guys flying above me, five feet right behind me, nothing. That’s the type of sh*t that really p*sses me off.”

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In short, the Doc wants to see Apex’s audio reworked so every design possibility has its own sound cue and players can respond accordingly.

It’s not the first time Apex players have singled out audio as a major problem but, with the Doc pinpointing it as his major problem with the BR, we can hope Respawn take note to the man behind the moustache.

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