Dr Disrespect pinpoints major Apex Legends issue Respawn have got “so wrong”

Dr-DisrespectYT: Dr Disrespect

Mustached YouTube entertainer Dr Disrespect has pinpointed one major issue with Apex Legends in Season 13, claiming Respawn have got the balance of shields “so wrong”.

Shields, for all the changes Apex Legends has undergone since its release a few years back, have stayed relatively consistent in how they work, albeit changing to Evo Shields.

A protective buffer that enemies have to shatter before being able to deal damage to players, they are still restorable through Shield Cells (25), Shield Batteries (100), and Phoenix Kits (100 shield and HP).

However, mustached streamer Dr Disrespect shared his major problem with shields, claiming they’re unbalanced and Respawn have simply got them “wrong.”

Dr Disrespect claims Apex Legends shields are “so wrong”

In a July 28 YouTube video, the Doc threw together a montage of his struggles with the battle royale’s shield system.

“I’m just shooting f**king shields,” he raged, time and time again being eliminated after lighting up enemies but failing to get the knocks. “I’m literally shooting shields for nothing! We’ll literally break their shield to the very [last] sliver, and it’s just not enough. It’s just not enough.”

Shields definitely have a place in Apex, but the Doc clearly feels there’s a pressing need for Respawn to balance them more adequately moving forwards.

How they go about doing that is not clear, with some extra buffer on top of health points definitely needed to ensure TTK remains balanced and fired-upon players have a chance to react and survive.

It’s not the Doc’s only issue with Apex, with the streamer poking fun at the game’s glitches, including one where Valkyrie performs a finisher with an arrow protruding from her head.

In the past, he has also called for an overhaul to the BR’s audio system, so there’s plenty for Respawn to be working on in the Doc’s eyes.

We expect players to be similarly critical of Deadrop, the upcoming VES title from the Doc’s own Midnight Society development studio. If it has shields, we can expect them to be easier to break.