Dr Disrespect outlines major Ranked change Apex Legends desperately needs

Apex Legends Storm Point and Predator logo next to Dr Disrespect streamingRespawn Entertainment / YT: DrDisrespect

YouTube streamer and moustache connoisseur Dr Disrespect has outlined a major change he wants to see in Apex Legends’ Ranked, with the battle royale hurtling towards its thirteenth season of post-launch content. 

One of fans’ favorite aspects about Dr Disrespect is the moustached maverick’s penchant for a forthright opinion; never afraid to unload on a game based on where he feels it needs to improve.

Given his background in Call of Duty map design, it’s fair to say that the Doc is more qualified than most when it comes to offering constructive criticism on video games.

Now, with Apex Legends approaching its thirteenth season, he has outlined a significant change to Ranked play that he wants to see introduced in the near future.

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apex-legends-mad-maggie-buff-season-12Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has impressed many content creators since its 2019 launch, the Doc included.

Speaking in his April 20 live stream, he called for Respawn to add Ranked duos as an option for players. Currently, Ranked Leagues and Ranked Arenas only allow players to compete in trios (teams of three).

“It feels like duos would be pretty sick in this game, right?” he said. “Wouldn’t it [be phenomenal]? Wouldn’t it?”

The Doc and his teammate ZLaner agreed that, given Apex Legends’ lobby size of 60 players compared to Warzone’s 150, it would be far easier for matchmaking to fill lobbies.

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It has been a topic floated by the community in the past, but Respawn have regularly stated that the game is geared towards teams of three, with Legend abilities designed to complement one another. Because of the ruling from the devs, duos are forced to drop into Ranked modes with a third player.

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It joins concerted efforts from the player base to get Solos mode added to the battle royale but, as of this article’s publication, the devs are holding firm that Apex is a team game at its core and will remain as such.