Apex Legends

Dr Disrespect puts "clunky" Apex Legends on blast after new lag issues

by Isaac McIntyre
Twitch: Dr Disrespect / Respawn Entertainment


Dr Disrespect has had a long and storied love-hate relationship with Apex Legends, but it looks like his time with Respawn’s battle royale may be nearing its end, after lag issues plagued the Twitch star’s recent Season 4 stream.

Apex Legends has rolled out its new wave of content in Season 4, and while fans have been fairly happy with the new legend and weapons, and the huge change to the title’s usual map, performance issues have overshadowed them all.

Respawn rolled out a hotfix to combat some of these changes on Xbox on February 10, but it looks like they have been plaguing gamers across consoles, and not least of all the Doc, who exploded after a stuttering drop resulted in his death.

Respawn Entertainment
All of Apex Season 4's cool new features, including Revenant's long-awaited arrival, have been overshadowed by the title's ongoing performance issues.


The Two-Time was in the middle of playing Apex Legends as part of his Triple Threat challenge on February 10 when he was caught and killed by an enemy, all while stuttering through the early moments of the game.

Of course, in typical Dr Disrespect style, he exploded, taking aim at the well-documented performance issues that have arrived in Season 4.


“Get over there!” he yelled in frustration as he tried to jump over a wall multiple times, but was forced back by the stuttering of the server. After his fruitless jumps left him exposed to his opponent, and then killed, he let loose.

“I f**king hate this game, I really do!” he yelled, and added that the performance issues were the main reason he was struggling to enjoy Respawn’s character shooter. “It’s such a clunky mess! F**k man. Why would I land there?”


He finished off his rant by imitating the slow stutters of the server itself, slamming his fist into his hand. “The server, it’s just going like this—” he yelled, finishing his explosion with a mimicking flourish of slapping the back of his hand.

Funnily enough, it seemed like the only thing that calmed him down from his rant was the arrival of his wife. She sat beside him and asked him to keep it cool. “I need to finish the Triple Threat,” he agreed, and returned to the fight.

Unfortunately, there was only more gloom waiting for the streamer, as he dropped straight into another game, claiming to have "not lost a beat." His next drop was equally as unlucky, however, as he copped another L seconds into the match.

The Doc’s explosive tirade was far from the only time he’s had a grievance with Apex in recent times either: just last week, the Two-Time Blockbuster video game champion found himself on the wrong end of audio issues too.

There’s every chance the star streamer may unload on the battle royale again sometime in the future too—he has admitted Apex “gets [him] more upset than any other game”—and next time he may not have his wife to calm him down.

And in the end, the Two-Time may not stick to Apex long after the Season 4 hype dies down again, but other players will, so fingers crossed Respawn takes notice of the performance issues across consoles, and pulls the trigger on more fixes.