Dr Disrespect Apex Legends skin concept turns Fuse into streamer & fans love it

Dr Disrespect alongside Fuse from Apex LegendsDr Disrespect/Respawn

An Apex Legends fan has combined Dr Disrespect and Fuse to create a skin idea that would be pretty perfect if Respawn ever chooses to implement creator skins. 

As battle royales have taken over the streaming landscape, Dr Disrespect has been at the forefront of things as he’s played them all – from PUBG to Apex Legends and H1Z1 to Realm Royale.

The Doc, who now streams on YouTube, has managed to make his own mark on a few of the games as well as he’s even gotten his own cosmetics in PUBG, and there’s even a Fortnite skin that bears quite a resemblance to him.

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With Apex Legends constantly toying with the idea of skins for esports teams, one fan has placed The Two-Time right into the middle of the Apex Games as he’s been combined pretty perfectly with Fuse.

Twitch/Dr DisrespectDr Disrespect/EA
The Doc has dipped in and out of Apex over the years.

The incredible concept comes from Redditor gage_cottle, who has gone all out to turn The Doc into Fuse and keep plenty of nods to his community, on-stream persona, and beyond.

The Redditor’s idea would completely transform Apex’s favorite Aussie and give him a Doc-inspired makeover, complete with his bulletproof black mullet, slick daddy mustache, and his one-of-a-kind Google prototype glasses. Of course, you can’t forget the Two-Time’s red vest and military pants either.

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On top of that, The Doc and Fuse hybrid would also have the skulls of his enemies on by his side, proving that he is, once and for all, the king when it comes to battle royales.

There has been plenty of support for the idea from fans, though some questioned if player’s would be allowed to use it on Twitch, seeing as the Doc is still banned from the livestreaming platform.

At the end of the day, though, as impressive as the idea is, Respawn would have the final say on adding it – and who knows if they ever dip into the streamer cosmetics market.

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Though, we’d love to splash the Apex Coins on The-Two Time’s unique look and make enemies feel the love.

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