Does Apex Legends support mouse and keyboard on console?

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If you play Apex Legends on console and want to play with a mouse and keyboard, then you really might be better off just moving over to PC, and we’ll explain why.

Chances are if you’re a console Apex player you’ve probably heard the argument that playing with a mouse and keyboard is just so much “better” than using a controller, for a variety of reasons.

Whether this is true or not, we can’t say, but if you find yourself wanting to try the PC peripherals on a console to improve your play, you’re probably better off spending that time practicing instead.

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Apex Legends is available on console and PC, and the game added crossplay in 2020 as well.

Does Apex Legends support mouse & keyboard on console?

So, you have your USB keyboard, your console of choice, and you’re ready to rock and roll. You plug the keyboard into the console, boot up Apex, and…. nothing happens.

That’s because Apex Legends does not support mouse and keyboard on console. Other games like Black Ops Cold War and Fortnite do, but simply taking them from your computer and plugging them into your system won’t work with Apex.

Can you play Apex Legends with mouse & keyboard on console?

There are a number of third-party devices that claim to allow you to hook up a keyboard and mouse to a console, but we can’t suggest using these. For one, they’re seen as pretty scummy and cheap, and two, they come with several other drawbacks.

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Firstly, there’s the chance of input delay. This might seem crazy, but console games are usually meant to be played with the console’s own controllers. Using a keyboard and mouse on a game that doesn’t support it, along with another device to even make it work, is sure to gum things up just enough to be annoyingly noticeable.

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Next is the price. You’ve already bought the console and the controller that came with it, so why go out of your way and spend even more money to get a converter you aren’t even sure will work as well?

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Finally, as we mentioned, if anyone finds out you’re using KBM on console, more than likely you’re going to get flamed for doing so because it’s seen as a questionable move, and considered outright cheating by some. Respawn hasn’t said players will be banned for doing so, but it’s still not a good look.

When will Apex Legends have support for mouse & keyboard on console?

Respawn hasn’t said anything about adding keyboard and mouse support for Apex Legends on console or even hinted at it before, so there’s no way to tell when, or even if it will even happen in the future. If this changes though, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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