Does Apex Legends have skill-based matchmacking? SBMM explained

Lauren Bergin
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Skill-based matchmaking will always be a contentious topic in online gaming, and the Apex Legends community is no different; but does Respawn’s battle royale use SBMM? Here’s everything you need to know.

As every Apex Legends player (and general online gamer) knows, having a competent, communicative team is often the key to success.

While, of course, you can recruit friends that you know can pop heads and take names, queueing into a random match is a lot more variable. Sometimes you’ll get teammates that absolutely demolish the competition, or others that, well, don’t.

This has led to questions about Apex Legends’ skill-based matchmaking system (SBMM) – and whether it exists in the first place. Here’s everything you need to know about the feature and how it operates in Respawn’s classic battle royale.


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Having a decent squad is essential to earning first place in the Apex Games.

What is SBMM?

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is the general term for a system of matching teammates and opponents in an online multiplayer game.

Every game is slightly different, but it will often use information like time-played, average score, K/D ration, win/loss ratio and other factors in determining what teammates and opponents you will get in a match.

It is sometimes controversial, as it can lead to the feeling that every match is too hard because all of your enemies are just as good as you. On the other hand, it stops newer or less-skilled players from being put off playing by having to face players way better or more experienced than them.

Does Apex Legends have skill-based matchmaking?

Yes, Apex Legends does make use of SBMM in order to ensure that players of similar skill levels and experience are partnered up, and face off against enemies of the same level too.

SBMM is used both in regular matches and Ranked play. Yes – even in casual matches, without a rank, SBMM is still in use.

In Ranked play, it should mean that a Predator player will queue with fellow Predators and Master level players, while Bronze players will be lumped together with others of the same rank. This is not always possible however due to different numbers of players in certain regions, or the number of players online at certain times of day.

The higher you progress, the more deadly your opponents become, but equally you’ll be queuing with higher level players to claim the throne.

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Thankfully your teammates should be a similar level to you.

What is your Apex Legends skill rating based on?

No matter what anyone tells you, there is no way of knowing exactly how SBMM is calculated in Apex Legends. Respawn, as with most game devs, will never reveal this, because if players know the inner workings of the system, it could be much more easily exploited.

However, we can safely assume that there are a number of factors taken into consideration. These might include:

  • Your account level / time-played
  • Your stats, such as K/D ratio, win/loss ratio, average damage per game
  • Whether you are playing solo or with a team
  • How recently you played, or if you have taken a long break

Some players also believe that their recent performances will affect SBMM. For example, if your last game was really easy for you, and you dominated the enemies, you might get slightly tougher opponents in the next match.

This is far from proven however, and is simply based on how players feel in certain matches.

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The Predator grind isn’t easy; especially if you’re struggling to find good teammates.

Is Apex Legends’ SBMM “broken”?

Ever since the dawn of Apex Respawn’s SBMM has come under fire for being “broken.” Back in 2019 Lead Competitive Development Manager, Eric ‘Ghost’ Hewitt, noted that “there is indisputable evidence through data that [SBMM] helps out 80-90% of the community with retention for most of those games.”

Of course, the game has come a long way since then, but the devs are still grappling with the SBMM issue. In December, 2021, Ranked Designer Aaron ‘Exgeniar’ L. responded to fan concerns over the system, writing “Pub’s matchmaking can be a bit volatile at times. It’s on my radar.”

The developers at Respawn are always trying to keep on top of matchmaking issues, and working on improvements to make matches fairer, and with the best connection.

Does Apex Legends use EOMM?

There has long been a rumor that Apex Legends uses a different system, called ‘EOMM’ instead of SBMM. EOMM stands for “engagement optimized matchmaking.” This system prioritizes keeping you playing, rather than keeping matches fair and balanced. It was patented by EA, for use in FIFA matchmaking.

However, Respawn devs have denied that EOMM is used in Apex Legends, “Apex matchmaking is designed off skill. It’s not literally designed to make you lose, spend, nor play longer.”

So that’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends skill-based matchmaking system, and how the devs are potentially amending it in the future.

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