Dizzy shows off genius Arcstar trick with Pathfinder in Apex Legends

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends star Coby ‘dizzy’ Meadows showed off a neat trick to finish off enemy players by using his teammate as a sacrificial lamb after he’d done some of the heavy lifting already. 

While he may have retired from being a professional Apex Legends player back in December, Dizzy hasn’t strayed away from the game – continuing to play it on his Twitch stream, wowing fans with his ridiculously high-level gameplay.

The former NRG member attracts thousands of viewers who watch him dive into World’s Edge, picking up numerous victories on a daily basis. Watching such a talented player is a pretty surefire way to pick up some clever tips and tricks that can be translated into games of your own, and that was no different with Dizzy’s newest trick.

Twitter: ApexLegends
Dizzy is no longer Apex Legends pro but he continues to stream the game on a daily basis.

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During his February 1 stream, the popular battle royale player had been on his way to picking up another victory when he and his squad mates decided to have a little fun with the final player they had to take down.

Instead of using some sort of meme tactic involving all of his teammates, Dizzy stuck the one of them playing as Pathfinder with an Arcstar and sent them to zipline right on top of the final enemy.

While doing so, the popular streamer used his pinpoint accuracy to rip the enemy of their health points, leaving them with just enough that they would fall to their death as soon as his grenade finally exploded.

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Of course, it worked to perfection and Dizzy racked up yet another victory in Apex, but it was his quick-thinking to send a teammate with an explosive attached to them into battle that really stole the show.

Now, while pretty clever, the tactic probably isn’t going to work 100% of the time – especially if you can’t nail an enemy with pinpoint accuracy like Dizzy can. Yet, it will be pretty interesting to see if other high-level players follow in his footsteps.