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Devious Apex Legends trap sentences players to Caustic’s “Hellevator”

Published: 13/Mar/2020 1:32

by Alan Bernal


A new variation for a classic trap in Apex Legends essentially condemns players to a fuming death at the hands of Caustic and Wraith, and it’s so brutal some players have taken to calling it the “Hellevator.”

Ever since Season 1 on Kings Canyon, Caustic mains have been devising ways to conceal players in a confined area long enough for their Nox Gas Traps to slowly and mercilessly eliminate opponents.

The most prevalent example was located in Bunker back on Solace. But the creative members of the Apex community constantly find new ways to create these gaseous enclosures for others to walk into.


whataboi_rd via reddit
The base of the fall lined with Nox Gas Traps.

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Putting their disturbing imagination to work, Reddit user ‘whataboi_rd’ and co’s creation used the typical bait of Wraith’s Dimensional Rift to lure an unsuspecting opponent to the other end.

Having caught the attention of the Bloodhound, they were whisked away to another location, dropping the Technological Trapper and Wraith from a high-beam structure just outside of the Train Yard.

Moments before, Wraith dropped down from that perch while activating her ult, forcing anyone who came through to spawn in mid-air and dropdown.

(Warning: Loud audio)

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At the base, five Nox Gas Traps were lined up on two of the tower’s four sides – sectioning off the lone opponent while Wraith and her teammate enclosed them from the other end.


“I got some of my friends to help me set up traps and bait people into them,” whataboi said in his YouTube video’s description. “This is by far the best way to play Apex Legends.”

Dubbing their trap the “Hellevator,” whataboi_rd applied the same structure to other locations on World’s Edge.

whataboi_rd via Reddit
The trap made it nearly impossible for Bloodhound to escape.

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One of them was an adaptation of the “Bunker 2.0” technique that was popular with the Apex community. Though their execution was successful, the follow-through was a little botched with a lack of coordination among the chaos.

But the effects were still the same. Use a Wraith to leave a portal in mid-air to throw off the opponents and immediately rain down gunfire on them as soon as they’re debilitated from the Nox Gas.


Since this strategy is bound to get traction with Caustic mains, Apex Legends player should be wary of a lone Wraith trying to bait you into a portal — who knows what kind of devious traps could be waiting at the other end.