Daltoosh is “done” with Apex Legends esports & planning CoD switch

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TSM content creator Dalton ‘Daltoosh’ Hester has revealed that he’s “done” with Apex Legends watch parties and wants to make the switch to competitive Call of Duty commentary.

Daltoosh is one of the most well-known streamers in the Apex Legends community with a dedicated audience and over 700k followers on Twitch.

While the TSM content creator is without a doubt a talented player, he’s also famous on Twitch for his ALGS watch parties.

Always dressing to impress while watching competitive matches, Daltoosh never fails to entertain while providing viewers with exciting play-by-play commentary.

But, to the disappointment of a lot of his fans, Daltoosh has revealed that he’s “done” with Apex watch parties and wants to transition over to pro Call of Duty.

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Daltoosh wants cast competitive Call of Duty matches

On January 2, a fan took to Twitter to reveal that they hope Daltoosh regains his “passion” for Apex and returns to doing watch parties for the ALGS.

In response, the popular streamer revealed that he thinks he’s “done” with them, and wants to try something new.

Instead of carrying on with Apex, Daltoosh wants to make the transition to competitive Call of Duty commentary. His personality and flare would no doubt draw in a lot of CoD fans, but making the switch to an entirely different game is always a risk.

However, Creative Director of OpTic Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards took the time to invite Daltoosh to a watch party in Major 2 of the CDL and even offered to “shotgun some beers” with him.

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This would be the perfect opportunity for Daltoosh to integrate himself into the Call of Duty community and show fans of the CDL why his Apex watch parties were so popular.

If this transition goes well for Daltoosh and he can recapture his passion for casting in a different game, he could continue to grow his audience, while even bringing some new viewers to CoD too.