Dad celebrating his Apex Legends win is the best thing you’ll see today: “POW!”

Respawn / Hunter, Twitter

A Dad was recorded as he excitingly watched back his win in Apex Legends and it has brightened up people’s day.

The video shared on Twitter has gained thousands of likes showing a Dad watching back his win in Apex Legends, shredding enemies with a sniper.

A win in any game is exciting, especially in those sweaty battle royale matches that can last quite a while. But there’s something about watching the older generation compete and win those types of matches that feels just right.

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Additional reporting by Brianna Reeves.

Dad relives Apex Legends win in viral clip

The footage was reported by GUARD Hunter on Twitter, showing a video of a Dad watching back his win in Apex legends and being just as excited when he played it.

In the clip, it shows the final play as the silver fox takes on a three-man team by himself.

The Twitter user described the player’s excitement as “one of the best things I’ve seen in a while.” It’s easy to see why when watching the video.

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Even with the enemy having the high ground, one by one they slid down the hill and were immediately sniped. The guy celebrated each kill with a confident yell of victory. 

As the last enemy was taken down and the win secured, the great tradition of shooting the bodies of your opponents as the winning title appears sealed the deal. 

Many replies shared their enjoyment of the clip with one saying: “Solo clutch went crazy.”

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One user jokingly said, “He got an aimbot for sure.” 

“Watching old folks get excited about video games will always hold a special place in my heart,” one person wrote.

Apex Legends and other multiplayer titles may constantly battle toxicity, yet posts like this exemplify the community at its best.