Crypto care package glitch is actually a perfect buff in Apex Legends

Crypto and Drone in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have found a way to turn Crypto’s drone into a care package, and it’s actually a perfect buff for the recently buffed legend. 

When Crypto was first introduced back in Apex Legends Season 3, many fans were instantly interested in just how his drone would impact the battle royale. Despite an initial wave of use, it didn’t take long for the Security Expert to slip down the pick rate charts.

After long last, he got a bit of a buff and rework in Season 12, and while players have taken to him again, Crypto still remains near the bottom end when it comes to usage in-game. As a result, players have called on Respawn to implement even more changes.

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While the developers haven’t answered the call on that front, some players have found a way to turn his drone into a delivery system, and it’s actually a pretty neat buff.

Crypto in Apex Legends with object in handRespawn/EA
Crypto’s pick rate has slumped again and fans want even more changes.

Apex Legends YouTuber RossTheeSquirrel highlighted the glitch on April 29, showing how you can deliver items using Crypto’s drone, provided you have a full inventory.

It works similarly to how the drone could deploy holosprays, but with a slight twist. As noted, you’ll need a full backpack of items first of all, and then you have to get the timing right between opening the drone and having your inventory on-screen.

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As the YouTuber shows, if it is done correctly, the inventory menu will stay open as you’re operating the drone, and you can then select an item to deliver – including ammunition, heals, and weapon attachments.

While the glitch may be pretty situational – it’s probably not going to work in an all-out, guns-blazing final zone – players believe it has its uses and should be a full-time thing.

“Passive should be his drone can carry one item and drop it. Imagine if you picked up a grenade and dropped it on a squad,” said one. “I’m not even mad about him not having a droneless passive with how versatile Hack is,” added another.

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With Season 13 on the horizon, it could be that Respawn patches this glitch before long, but maybe they’ll listen to players and adapt it as an actual ability. We’ll just have to wait and see.