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Crazy Apex Legends exploits lets Rampart access Vaults without a key

Published: 28/Aug/2020 0:20

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players have discovered a way to break into the high-tier loot Vaults of World’s Edge without having to find a key, since all you need is a bit of help from Rampart’s walls and Sheila.

The quick-witted Modder has been a fan-favorite early in Season 6, as the new Legend comes equipped with a ton of tools to keep enemies at bay in fights and invaluable defense to hold off incoming attackers.

But her ability kit has been causing a few bugs since she was introduced in Apex, leading some players to get random crashes or causing strange interactions with other Legends’ abilities.


Now, the community is finding that Rampart can be used to glitch inside of Vaults by using her Emplaced Minigun Sheila while an Amped Cover wall pushes her character model through the door.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players found a new use for Rampart’s Amped Cover.

‘Meanmanjr’ showed how Season 6’s new character can etch her way into the locked cabin to pillage everything inside.

However, like the user showed, by combining the bug with a teammate’s Death Totem, Rampart will have a way out of the Vault after she’s done taking all the valuables.

Essentially, they placed Sheila as close as they could to the Vault’s door before putting an Amped Cover immediately below them, so as to glitch through the wall when they hopped back on the minigun.


This let them rummage around the Vault as they pleased, while having a Thermite Grenade in hand to kill themselves and respawn them outside where the Death Totem was placed.

In-And-Out Vault No Key from apexlegends

Without Revenant, Rampart could still make her way into the Vault, but wouldn’t have viable ways of getting out alive. The Full Boar Cub showed how to do this trick too, and instead extended the bug to find an alternate way out without Rev.

Full Boar Club also showed how the trick can be used to potentially, but unrealistically, loot all three Vaults on World’s Edge by abusing the exploit.


This is something that caught attention in the Apex community, and something that Respawn could move quickly to resolve before the trend catches onto more crafty Ramparts.