Crafty Apex Legends trick makes Gravity Cannons more versatile than ever before

Horizon in a gravity cannon in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Gravity cannons are a staple of Apex Legends’ Storm Point map. They feature prominently in its design and help players evade and engage with enemies around the map. While they’re meant to send you in one direction at a constant speed, this trick changes the game significantly.

Apex Legends is home to some of the most unique movement features in all of gaming. From the speed demon Octane and his signature Jump Pad to Pathfinder’s iconic grappling hook, so much of the game is rooted in finding fun new ways to move around the map.

There were specific Legend abilities that made grav cannons a complex escape tool, but this non-specific trick opens up the field in a whole new way.

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Apex Legends Gravity Cannon trick is a handy escape tool

Apex Legends Gravity Cannons are a perfect getaway tool with this new trickRespawn Entertainment
If you want to throw enemies off your trail this is the easiest way to make it happen.

If you’re on the the run and need to make a quick play to get to safety, there’s not many that will confound your enemies like this.

Instead of running directly into a Gravity Cannon and letting it jet you into the sky, slide up behind one of the diagonal arms and trip the animation from that position.

Once the cannon begins its launch, simply jump into the air and let the machine’s recoil send you flying backwards over your opponent’s head.

Lennonxxg demonstrated this technique using one of the lifts outside of Stormcatcher.

They go from being hunted by an Ash to being over her head and holding the high ground before anyone really has time to react.

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This trick will work with any of the various built-in escape machines, but this specific one does have the most convenient placement, as the natural bounce will put you back on top of a building.

Whether you’re trying to buy some time or you want to get into the action, there’s no shortage of ways to put this to use all across Storm Point.