Cloud9 pick up ex-NRG player rocker for Apex Legends pro team

rocker picked up by C9Cloud9 | Twitter

NRG had a strong performance at the ALGS Finals, but they weren’t able to keep it together and win the event. Now rocker has left NRG and is seeking something new with Cloud9.

Aidan ‘rocker’ Grodin was spotted playing with Cloud9 during the SteelSeries Prime Invitational, and Cloud9 later confirmed their acquisition of this player on August 9, 2022.

rocker placed 9th with NRG during the ALGS Finals, quickly followed by him leaving the team and looking for new opportunities.

We now know that new opportunity was Cloud9. Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith stepped away from C9 after the ALGS Year 2 Championship, leaving an opening on C9. One that rocker has gladly taken.

Bringing good NRG to C9

According to a Twitlonger written by Rocker on July 22, he was planning on leaving NRG regardless of how they performed at the ALGS year 2 Championship.

rocker went on to explain some issues in the team environment on NRG. “I always felt like we were a team that performs based on the “vibes”. Whenever things didn’t go our way in tournaments it kinda just felt like we gave up.”

Gibraltar, a top-tier defense Legend

rocker mainly plays Gibraltar, a Legend that was often picked by Albralelie. Gibraltar’s play rate in pro Apex is very high, meaning that rocker’s expertise with this character will be a boon for Cloud9’s new roster.

Cloud9 placed 10th at the ALGS Year 2 Championship. It certainly wasn’t a bad finish, but the players clearly wanted to get closer to that first place spot.

Despite some rough matches in the beginning, Cloud9 finished 10th overall in the SteelSeries Prime Invitational with rocker on their team. They improved over the course of the best of 12, but weren’t able to do well enough to scratch the top 5.

rocker ALGS winSteelSeries | Twitch
Rocker winning one of the SteelSeries Prime Invitational matches with his new team

Cloud9 did however manage to snag a victory, showing that this roster does have what it takes to win games. They’re surely be looking to improve upon their performance going into Season 14’s new meta.

This pickup by Cloud9 fills the hole Albralelie left in their roster, and gives this team a strong roster going into the third year of the ALGS.