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Apex Legends • Mar 22, 2019

Cloud9 reveal competitive Apex Legends roster

Cloud9 reveal competitive Apex Legends roster
Graphics from Respawn Entertainment

American esports organization Cloud9 has finally revealed that they will soon be jumping into the world of Apex Legends with a new competitive four-man roster. 


Respawn Entertainment's battle royale game has surged in popularity with both the streaming and competitive gaming communities after its shock February 4 release. 

Since that day, more and more tournaments have been announced for the free-to-play title and esports organizations have been on the lookout for recruits, hence Cloud 9 entering the fray. 


Respawn Entertainment
Cloud9's new roster will be jumping into Apex Legends soon.

The organization, which currently fields esports teams in League of Legends, Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and others, announced their extension to Respawn's game on Twitter. 

"We are excited to introduce the start of the official Cloud9 Apex Legends roster," they tweeted from their account on March 21. 


Their new roster includes four players, as mentioned earlier, which includes Joseph 'Frexs' Sanchez, Greg 'Grego' McAllen, Jamison 'PVPX' and Justin 'Chappie' Andrews - with both Frexs and Chappie having already represented the org in another battle royale, PUBG

Cloud9 also put together a promotional video for the announcement of the new team, which will give fans - that may have never seen them play before - a glimpse of their play style. 

Cloud9 is just the latest major esports organizations to make a move into the world of Apex Legends and we expect more will be announced in the near future. 

We'll keep you updated as and when announcements are made. 

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