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Clever Wraith trick in Apex Legends makes your portal a deathtrap

Published: 4/Aug/2020 9:59

by Connor Bennett


Wraith mains have got a clever trick that allows them to dominate any Apex Legends players that decide to try and chase them through a portal.

As the Apex Legends seasons have been unfolding, players – rookies and veterans – have been finding new ways to use their favorite legends. It could be something as simple as holding a button rather than tapping to use an ability in a different way or getting a bit more in-depth by learning timings. 


For Wraith, in particular, players have been continuing to come up with new ways to use the Interdimensional Skirmisher in the battle royale depending on their play style.

Though, this newest tip doesn’t rely on your play style, but more so on enemies who decide they want to get greedy and chase you through your own portal in the hopes of taking you down. 

Wraith in her Voidwalker skin
Wraith is, by far and away, Apex’s most popular character.

It comes courtesy of Redditor Vikovi, who pointed out that if you jump before setting a portal exit, enemies who run through it after you will have a small fall to the floor.

That’s right if you leave a gap between the portal exit and the ground, enemies who pop through will become a stationary target for a few moments. Provided you’ve got a fast-firing weapon, say the R-99, you’ll have enough time to unload a magazine or two into them.


Though, you can get a bit more devious with things too. As Vikovi showed, if you happen to have a Thermite Grenade handy, pop that down as enemies are coming through and you’ll make life even more difficult for them. 

If you know someone is chasing you and they take your portal, try to always jump and place it in the either. As they’re falling, they’re a stationary target so you can easily beam them or throw a grenade to deal damage extra and confuse them from apexlegends

Of course, while a handy trick, it does all boil down to hoping that the enemies decide to get a little crazy and chase you through.

If they don’t decide to make the leap of faith, then you’ve just got a portal floating in the air and that could make you easier to spot to someone else.