Clever Caustic mains are turning Apex Legends Armories into certified death traps

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 13 added brand new IMC Armory locations to Storm Point and for the most part, they’ve been a major hit. Since the drops have become so popular, Caustic mains have turned their eyes and hatched up a sinister way to turn the loot hordes into absolute death traps. 

Storm Point’s new armories are an excellent way to get looted up quickly. Since each player in a squad gets their own customized loot box, there’s no faster way to secure good attachments and upgrade your shield directly after landing.

These highly-fortified structures are meant to give players a better chance at extending their lives and winning the game, but that’s not going to happen under the careful gaze of the community’s more inventive Caustic players.

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Caustic mains turn armories into inescapable death traps

IMC armory insideRespawn Entertainment
Weapons and loot are available in the Armory – but so are specters guarding it.

The trap is set by arriving at an armory before another team secures it. Instead of starting the hacking protocol and dropping the sentry guards right away, these devious devils are sneaking into corners and pretending like they’re not even there.

After that, all it takes is one unsuspecting team to roll into the building and activate the terminal to kick the party off.

Since the armories auto-lock when the hack starts, that means there’s no getting away from the barrage until you either complete the fight against the sentries or take out the Toxic Trapper himself.

There are some ways to prevent this though. As one player pointed out, the exit ramp is a dead giveaway for anyone whose head is on a swivel: “The ramp doesn’t open unless someone is near it. It’s an easy tell if someone is (or has been) inside. ”

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This isn’t the only thing to worry about in these new locations though.

Players have also rallied around a change to these new digs that would make them operate more like Replicators thanks to a serious case of loot theft that plagues these drops.