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Apex Legends

Clever Apex Legends trick with Wattson creates invisible trap

Published: 14/Mar/2020 11:16

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has uncovered a pretty neat spot where Wattson’s electric fence trap can become invisible but still work as normal. 

With the start of each new season in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has added a new legend, Season one gave us Octane, and the offensive legend was followed up by Wattson in season two. 

Though the Static Defender quickly became a part of the game’s meta, she has given way to other, more powerful legends in the newer seasons. However, plenty of fans still opt to use her as their main character – and for anyone who does, there’s a way to make the electric fence trap invisible and rather deadly. 


Respawn Entertainment
Wattson’s electric fence trap can be pretty deadly to enemies.

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The helpful tip was posted to the Apex Legends subreddit by user AsymmetricSquid, who pointed out that Wattson’s trap can interact with the huge doors at Harvester in a unique manner. 

In the Redditor’s video, they showcased how, when the pylons for the fence at placed in-line with the door and the door is then closed, it will cut out the electric circuit temporarily  – making it invisible, while also producing no warning sound. 

However, if you open the door up again, the trap springs back into action and works just as normal, seemingly giving players a pretty big shock as they run into the unexpected electric fence. 


I found a great spot to fence up for Wattson. They won’t hear or see it coming. from apexlegends

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Of course, the tip for the fence is pretty situational and requires you to be at the Harvester while also having enough time to line everything up. With the location being such a hot spot for activity, who knows when you’d have the time to get it together. 

There’s also the possibility that players who are not in danger of being affected by the trap, say in the middle circle of the Harvester, could disable the pylon and save everyone else from trouble.

But, after all, it is a pretty neat trick and one that we could see players attempting to pull off in-game soon. After all, who knows what other doors can help the trap become invisible.