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Clever Apex Legends trick makes it impossible to use Pathfinder’s ult against you

Published: 3/Jan/2022 21:08

by Alan Bernal


There’s a way to make sure Pathfinder’s ultimate Zipline ability is impossible to use by enemy Apex Legends teams and eliminate one of the worst parts of the move.

Pathfinder is a utility-heavy character in Apex Legends but its ultimate ability can give opponents a direct avenue to follow them across the map.

Once the Zipline is placed, it extends a connection from point A to point B that can be used for a quick rotation or game-saving escape. The problem then becomes the ultimate itself, which stays on the map and can be re-used by anyone who comes across it.


But Redditor ‘Uhcoustic’ shared a way to solve that concern using a clever placement for the Zipline that breaks it after your team safely crosses.

Breaking Pathfinder’s Zipline in Apex Legends

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Pathfinder can use his abilities to cross a lot of ground in Apex Legends.

To break Pathfinder’s Ziplines, place one nod on or in the way of a door’s path. This can be achieved either by aiming at a doorframe or by already standing on a threshold before firing.

After placing the ult, simply swing the door over the ability to destroy the Zipline and prevent other people from using the rope.

This gives Pathfinder and their team a clean rotation without the chance of another group following close behind. The same effect can be achieved by placing the Zipline on a moving platform or a sealed supply bin before cracking it open.


Place ziplines in the way of doors to make them temporary/destructible! from apexuniversity

Other players have even found variations of the trick that accomplishes the same task but with a much safer method to closing the door.

“You can start near a door or just outside a door then go to where you need to be and use [Crypto’s drone] to close/open the door and destroy the zip,” one person noted.

Apex Legends players can already imagine the mayhem of baiting a team on the Zipline just to destroy it mid-use and it’s even raising calls to give Pathfinder a remote way to destroy the ult altogether.