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Clever Apex Legends Rampart buff idea is straight out of Fortnite

Published: 26/Mar/2022 15:01

by Joe Craven


One Apex Legends player has conceived a smart buff idea for the much-maligned character Rampart, and many fans think it’s straight out of Rainbow Six Siege or Fortnite. 

A universally popular aspect of Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is the balance of the character pool, with a plethora of characters allowing players to adopt almost any playstyle and strategy. Naturally, though, some legends fall to the bottom of the pyramid, in terms of viability and popularity.

One of those is Rampart, the Season 6 legend known for her Sheila minigun and Amped Cover. Although powerful in the right hands, Rampart’s naturally defensive abilities and niche equipment have seen her pick-rates amongst the lowest in the BR.


At the time of writing, she is dead last in terms of most picked legends in Season 12.

Rampart is getting Apex Legends buffs in Season 8 patch 8.0.
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart has received multiple buffs since her release, but just can’t seem to get a foothold amongst the player base.

However, one player’s buff idea might be just what she needs moving forwards, seeing her utility and versatility strengthened.

The ability in question was floated by Redditor petroscity, who asked: “What if she could block a doorway? Basically restore a door”.

Attached was an image of a restored door that Rampart has fixed, offering her team a stronger position and an extra layer of defense.

Plenty of players liked the suggestion, claiming it fits with her existing abilities and playstyle. At the time of writing, it sits at just under 4,000 upvotes, hinting that there would be fairly widespread support for its implementation.


Had a buff idea for rampart, what if she could block a door way? Basically restore a door from apexlegends

Many also likened it to a Rainbow Six Siege or Fortnite feature; both games that allow significant environmental destruction and restoration.

The former game even has one operator, Castle, whose entire unique ability is based on barricading doorways with durable armored panels.

The strength of the door could also be used as a balancing factor by Respawn to make sure Rampart fits into the meta in a reasonable way.

It’s not likely to get added anytime soon, but Respawn have indicated in the past they are open to implementing fan ideas if they are well-thought-out and sensible. This appears to be both.