“Cheap” Apex Legends trick gives players the first chance to loot

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A slick trick in Apex Legends can give players the pick of the litter when dropping into the map, especially if there’s a ton of verticality that can cut a jump short.

At the start of every match, players landing on the ground have a small delay before they get to their full-speed sprint. This brief pause isn’t detrimental enough to tilt off the map, but it can get really noticeable if an opponent already has a gun and you’re left scrambling to change up the plan mid-escape.

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Eliminating the intentional slow-effect would give players a small leg up in one of the most important parts of a match – where skill isn’t as much as a determining factor for winning as much as it is to equip a weapon first.

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Without introducing anything that stretches the competitive bounds of the game, Slader111 showed how someone can clip an object so that their Legend skins to a fall.

The collision will transition your character model from the jump formation, where the jets are on and they’re barrelling toward the ground face-first, to a fall animation – which is slightly more forgiving when landing.

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Slader111 vai Reddit
Clipping from high above can let Apex Legends players make a faster landing.

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“When dropping into The Pitt if you scrape the side instead of flying straight down you’ll always be the first one to have a gun,” Reddit user ‘Slader111’ said. “Kinda cheap but I figured I’d spread the knowledge.”

Clipping from a high altitude would naturally give the player more time in first-person perspective to plan out what they want to do on the floor.

But more advantageous is the ability to call dibs on the loot below, if someone coming from a jump-dive animation landed nearby.

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“I don’t think that’s cheap,” user ‘Jimmycjacobs’ said in response to the thread. “That’s just a strategy.”

Players noted that these kinds of strategies can be employed with skyscrapers and the like, as long as there’s an object-to-character hit from a decent ways away from the ground.

Competitive Apex Legends players are always looking for these bits of knowledge to get any edge on their opponents, and more people are bound to add this to their arsenal of tricks to take to the Arena.

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