Apex Legends

C4 Satchel Charge coming to Apex Legends according to leaks

by Calum Patterson


Another data mined leak for Apex Legends has surfaced, this time potentially revealing the addition of an explosive device from Titanfall 2, making its way into the battle royale game.


Apex Legends' arsenal has been very much inspired by weapons from Titanfall 2, with many of the guns practically identical remakes, albeit with slightly different names.

As more weapons are added, it makes sense for the team at Respawn to continue this theme of borrowing from Titanfall 2, and the Satchel Charge looks like it will be a possible addition.

The Satchel Charge in Titanfall 2.


In Titanfall 2, the Satchel Charge would stick to surfaces and then could be detonated manually, causing a huge explosion.

Whether it will operate exactly like this in Apex Legends is unknown, for now all we have are some basic image files, revealed by data miner @RealApexLeaks. Similar leaked images of the Satchel Charge were first posted by GamingINTEL.

The Satchel Charge found in Apex Legends (via @RealApexLeaks)


It must be noted that data mined game files don't always mean that these items will make it into the game, as Respawn will often test out new features in development and then decide against them later.

However, with only three throwables currently available in Apex Legends (grenade, arc star, thermite), it does seem plausible that they would want to add in some new ones at some point.

Perhaps the Satchel Charge will release alongside the start of Season 1 and the Battle Pass, but the release date for this still remains a mystery.