Broken map spot on Apex Legends costs player the match in worst possible way

Shay Robson
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An Apex Legends player found a broken map spot on Olympus that cost them the match in the worst possible way, and it’s absolutely hilarious to watch. 

Apex Legends players aren’t exactly strangers to puzzling bugs, glitches, and exploits that have popped up since the game’s launch in February, 2019.

Some of the latest bugs found in the popular battle royale include an unusual glitch that allows players to heal while reviving teammates or inside of a portal, as well as the infamous infinite Octane stim glitch returning in once again in Season 12.

Now, one player has found a broken spot on Olympus that cost them the game in the most frustrating way possible.

Apex Legends Olympus Map changesRespawn Entertainment
Four POIs were reworked on Olympus for Apex Legends Season 12.

In a March 9 Reddit post, one player shared a hilarious clip that ended with the player dying in the most infuriating yet hilarious way.

After multiple attempts at using Pathfinder’s zipline to escape from an attacking squad, the player was finally able to use the ultimate.

However, after taking the zipline to the other side of the map the player was essentially stuck, and unable to jump over the barrier in front of them. Ultimately, not being able to jump over the ledge lead to the player’s death by the squad behind.


While this death is a little embarrassing, other players in the thread were quick to point out it’s not exactly the most frustrating way to die in Apex Legends: “Second worst death to mid-fight stutter,” said one.

As noted by some, fortunately, the player’s loot won’t be obtainable by the enemy team after it fell off the map: “At least they won’t get your stuff.”

For now, it’s worthwhile staying away from that part of the map. However, with the Reddit post getting quite a bit of attention, it’s likely the bug will be flagged to Respawn and we can only hope it’s patched in a future update.