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Brilliant Apex Legends map rotation idea would give everyone what they want

Published: 15/May/2021 11:12

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has come up with a clever idea to address the game’s map rotation issues, giving more choice to the players while still constantly changing maps. 

When Apex Legends first launched over two years ago, it came with one map – Kings Canyon. Since then, Respawn Entertainment have expanded the battle royale to have three maps, adding World’s Edge and Olympus along the way.

These maps are all popular in their own right, but they are cycled on a regular basis through map rotation, which has caused plenty of headaches for players as they might miss out on the chance to play their favorite map at times.


There have been plenty of calls for Respawn to either give players the option to pick which map they want to search for, and while Respawn hasn’t done that, one player might have the perfect solution.

World’s Edge and Olympus are the only maps for Season 9

The idea comes from Apex Legends content creator Calamiti who suggested that Respawn could make it possible for duos and trios to be locked onto separate maps during the rotation.

“Please rotate Worlds Edge/Olympus in opposite times in trios/duos. So when trios is World’s Edge, duos will be Olympus,” the Apex player posted.

As Calamiti pointed out, the idea would also help players who queue up as a solo because they wouldn’t just be forced to play one map and mode, and could pick and choose depending on how things are going.


Plenty of players backed the idea, but others voiced concerns about how it would work in lower populated regions where finding a game is already pretty tough with the current system.

It remains to be seen if Respawn will make a change moving forward or if the current rotation system will stick around.