Bizarre Mad Maggie Heirloom idea equips her with Fuse’s arm in Apex Legends

Mad Maggie HeirloomRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends Mad Maggie Heirloom concept has equipped her with one of the most bizarre weapons in the Outlands, Fuse’s old arm.

Although skins, banners, and badges are all prized by Apex Legends players, there’s nothing more sought-after than the exclusive Heirlooms released with collection events for specific characters.

These extremely rare items come with custom melee animations, interactions, and sometimes even easter eggs relating to their lore in the Outlands.

The latest character to receive an Heirloom was Crypto in the Warriors Collection event, but the community is constantly creating their own Heirlooms ideas in the hopes Respawn take note and creates one for their main.

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Well, that’s exactly what Apex YouTuber Bobz has done for Mad Maggie, and they might have created the most bizarre and unique Heirloom yet.

Fuse arm HeirloomRespawn Entertainment
Mad Maggie arrived in Apex Legends in Season 12.

Mad Maggie equipped with Fuse arm Heirloom

A lot of Apex players complain that Heirloom concepts made by the community are too similar to each other, as they often revolve around a blade or sword.

As a result, artists and creators are constantly encouraged to think out of the box and it’s safe to say Bobz has done exactly that for this Mad Maggie Heirloom idea.

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Taking inspiration from Fuse and Maggie’s backstory, the YouTuber has suggested that the Rebel Warlord should be equipped with Fuse’s old arm that was blown off in the explosion during the ‘Good as Gold’ Stories from the Outlands.

Although this bizarre concept is certainly dark, it would allow Respawn to create some incredible slap and finisher animations. Not only that, the hand could make a variety of signs and even have some special interactions with Fuse in-game.

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Without a doubt, this is the most unique suggestion that’s been made for an Heirloom, and it actually fits into both Fuse and Maggie’s lore perfectly.

With Mad Maggie releasing in Season 12 though, it’s unlikely she’ll be getting an Heirloom anytime soon, but this is definitely an idea Respawn should consider using.

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