Bizarre Apex Legends glitch gives Lifeline ‘perfect camouflage’

apex legends world's edge lifeline header imageRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legend player stumbled upon a strange glitch that gave an enemy Lifeline and Horizon team perfect camouflage, ruining the match.

As with any massively popular multiplayer game, Apex Legends is no stranger to bizarre glitches affecting gameplay.

From cars around the map disappearing to more severe issues like Ultimate abilities failing during a tournament, an unfortunate bug can always slip through the cracks and ruin one’s game.

Now, one Apex Legend player reported a bug that seemingly caused an enemy Lifeline and Horizon team to appear perfectly cloaked, resulting in a swift defeat.

Apex Legends glitch cloaks Lifeline

Lifeline sitting on drone in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
This bizarre glitch made the enemy lifeline nearly invisible, and sadly cost ‘Codyrd91’ the match.

The glitch comes by way of the Apex Legends subreddit where user ‘Codyrd91‘ posted a brief clip of their encounter with the cloaked Lifeline.

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The clip shows Cody running into a building on World’s Edge before quickly stumbling upon a Lifeline who’s nearly invisible.

They spot the crouched Lifeline after a brief pause, only to be surprised by a similarly cloaked Horizon player who swiftly downs them.

According to Cody, they were chasing the Lifeline earlier, which is “the only reason [they] knew to look” around the building where they happened upon the glitch.

The post gained over 2,500 upvotes in just seven hours, with plenty of replies from confused fans wondering what exactly happened to cause the glitch. Unfortunately, it seems no one was able to provide a reason for why the glitch occurred.

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One user named ‘Stomperee‘ noticed that the cloaked Lifeline also didn’t shoot Cody right away, guessing that “…maybe the whole lobby had the same problem and that’s why Lifeline didn’t shoot when he came around [the] corner.”

Other users simply made jokes about the strange glitch, like ‘Someguy386‘ who said “It’s the new Crypto buff, off the grid.”

Whatever the case may be, this glitch thankfully doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue, considering how no one in the community reported seeing the glitch for themselves in other matches.