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Bizarre Apex Legends character concept is hopeless but actually genius

Published: 29/Jan/2022 14:19 Updated: 29/Jan/2022 14:20

by Joe Craven


An Apex Legends player has devised a bizarre legend concept for a character who would be essentially useless and devoid of bravery – but the idea would actually be genius. 

Apex Legends character concepts are not particularly new in the game’s community – players regularly share their ideas for Legends that could shake up the meta and cause chaos in-game.

Some – like this Titanfall Spectre concept – would slot right in to Storm Point, but others may require a lot of acclimation from the player base.

That’s definitely the case for Hank, a legend proposed by Redditor Tales_of_Earth and, despite the obvious humor involved in the suggestion, it could actually be genius.


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The Apex characters are incredibly diverse and likeable.

The Redditor said: “I’ve always wanted a character who is just some guy named Hank. Like a janitor who through a terrible series of events end up in the games. Voice lines that are mostly him just reacting to the absurd violence and the shock of being resurrected. Maybe a lot of lines begging for his life or for someone to just help him escape.”

While Hank sounds like a useless character, the Redditor did actually elaborate on the abilities he would possess, and they’re mostly just a mild inconvenience for enemies.

“His abilities would be in based luck and desperation,” they said. “Passive: he has 2 extra slots for gear but he moves a little slower when they are full. Tactical: he temporarily makes a little ashamed and off their game by crying loudly. Aiming at him drastically increases the intensity and randomness of recoil. Ultimate: Insane luck causes enemy gun jams. Nearby enemies will have to reload before firing. Probably overpowered in the tactical and ultimate, but weak in the passive.”


Other Redditors picked up on the suggestion and endorsed it, with a post pleading with Respawn to add Hank sitting at over 15,000 upvotes.

Please respawn, make this happen. from apexlegends

We’re yet to see Respawn add in a completely community created Legend, but it could yet happen as they strive to remain receptive to fan ideas.

Hank is not so much an idea as a magnificent brain wave, and we’d love to see to helpless janitor pleading for mercy in Storm Point soon.