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Apex Legends

Bizarre Apex Legends bug leaves players knocked forever

Published: 20/May/2020 6:33

by Brad Norton


Apex Legends players have been trapped by a quirky new glitch that leaves them stuck in a knocked-state for the rest of the match.

While Season 5 may have introduced an assortment of new content, the latest major update to Respawn’s battle royale also came with its fair share of bugs.

From inconsistent hit registration to awkward movement glitches, the developers are well aware and working on a number of critical issues already. However, a brand new bug might shoot to the top of their list as players are being knocked down permanently following the recent update.

Respawn Entertainment
Not even Lifeline could help support teammates stuck in this glitch.

With only 13 squads left standing in a May 19 match, Reddit user ‘mapleleafbot’ was well on the way to a win. Before long, disaster struck and they were knocked to the ground. Nothing out of the ordinary, they simply lost a gunfight.


As soon as they were revived, however, they were unable to properly get back in the fight. Their weapons were unusable and they weren’t able to move at a regular pace. All they could do was stand around and trigger a flimsy Common Knockdown Shield.

Got knocked, and then this happened after my res… from apexlegends

There’s no telling what exactly brought about this bizarre issue. It could be a one in a million animation glitch. Perhaps network latency played a role. Without comment from the developers it’s impossible to gauge.

Playing as Season 5 Legend, Loba, there’s even a chance that the new character might have been the cause.


Eventually, they were taken out of the match by an opposing squad. Unable to put up a fight, their run came to an unfortunate conclusion. 

Respawn Entertainment
Could the issue be tied to the new Legend?

While there’s no clear way of avoiding the issue until a new patch is released, it could be around for quite some time.

Respawn developers recently listed a batch of critical issues in focus for the next update. The revive glitch is yet to appear on their radar.