Bizarre Apex Legends bug makes Caustic traps disappear

Respawn Entertainment

A bizarre Apex Legends bug has been making Caustic’s traps disappear and players aren’t too happy about it.

Everybody’s favorite gaseous Apex Legends guy, Caustic, has experienced his fair share of bugs since release.

Most have to do with his famed Nox Gas Trap, from things like canceling Fuse’s ultimate, and sending Pathfinder flying, to it straight up being invisible and taking down unsuspecting enemies without warning.

Now, another peculiar glitch has popped up that makes the traps completely disappear without any rhyme or reason.

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Caustic trapRespawn Entertainment
Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps are his Tactical ability.

Apex Legends bug making Caustic traps vanish

Adding to the list of Caustic bugs comes Reddit user TheNamesFeeley who, while reviving a teammate in a match, watched one of their own traps disappear into thin air.

The Redditor asked, “Why has this never been fixed? It’s gotten me killed a number of times,” and provided a video clip of what had happened.

This had several other Apex fans confused as well, with one joking, “That barrel legit just said adios and dipped.”

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Others went on to point out how Caustic-specific bugs have seemingly been ignored since the game first came out.

“None of the caustic bugs since season 2 have been acknowledged enough to be fixed,” one player commented. “The last one that was noticed became a feature as a nerf, the one about his gas thickness.”

This isn’t the first time a significant Caustic bug has been brought up and it probably won’t be the last. Though, only time will tell if Respawn Entertainment will address the Legend’s problems.

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