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Bizarre Apex Legends bug keeps players permanently downed in Season 11

Published: 24/Nov/2021 11:39

by Alex Garton


A strange bug in Apex Legends is keeping players in a permanently downed state, despite being revived and even respawned via a beacon.

Season 11 is well underway in Apex Legends and the community is finally getting to grips with the lethal CAR SMG and the new Legend Ash.

While Escape has received overwhelming praise from players, it did have a few issues at launch including death spots on the Storm Point map, and an exploit allowing Ash to stack infinite EVO shields.

Although these new bugs were quickly patched and resolved, a number of old bugs still continue to affect players, with the devs seemingly unable to fix them at the time of writing.


One that seems to pop up every few updates and has returned in Season 11 is the permanently downed glitch, making it impossible to revive or respawn a squadmate in a match.

Apex Legends Octane about to kick Mirage
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Apex Legends Season 11 went live on November 2.

Strange Apex Legends bug keeps players permanently downed

After taking an intense gunfight on Storm Point, Reddit user Deox_00 was quickly downed by a Bangalore Ultimate and left waiting to be revived.

Coming to the rescue, their Lifeline squadmate ran over for the res and began getting Deox_00 back up to help in the skirmish, but after the revive animation was finished, Deox_00 was somehow still downed.

Strangely, they were still able to shoot and fire their weapon, but could not use Shield Batteries or Med Kits, meaning Deox_00 was swiftly taken down.


Despite being left in two versus three, Deox_00’s teammates won the gunfight and took their banner to a Respawn Beacon. Even this didn’t fix the bug, with Deox_00 being dropped into the map in a downed state, making it impossible to help their team.

So apparently i was still downed, despite being res’d and alive from apexlegends

It’s hard to know exactly why this bug occurred on the Storm Point map, but it’s been an issue in-game for multiple seasons. While it may be incredibly rare, it completely takes a player out of the match and renders them useless.

As this is such a long-standing glitch, it’s hard to know whether it’ll ever be fixed. However, it doesn’t seem to happen very often so it’s unlikely you’ll ever be left permanently downed in any of your matches.