Better Apex Legends Passive idea for Pathfinder would make him the ultimate teammate

Connor Bennett
Pathfinder waving in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have come up with a pretty neat idea that would change Pathfinder’s passive and become an even better teammate, however, not everyone is sold.

As the Apex Legends seasons and updates have continued, fans of Respawn’s popular battle royale title have been coming with their own ideas for new legends, current legend changes, and more. 

Ever so often, as Respawn states they’re considering changes, a new idea catches the eye of fans because it seems they’ve struck gold and found the change that Respawn needs to make. 

More often than not, the developers go in a different direction, but a new idea for Pathfinder passive might be something they want to consider. 

Pathfinder is still one of Apex’s best characters.

It comes from Apex Legends player mrdounut101, who suggested making it so that Pathfinder can use his grapple hook to scoop up teammates’ death boxes or reel in a downed teammate. 

The concept ability is aptly named ‘I’ve got you, friend!’ and on top of just being able to help teammates, the Redditor suggests that it could also be used to destroy ziplines created by Pathfinder’s ultimate. 

This would make it so that Pathfinder players, and their teammates, don’t have to shoot the zipline to make it go away. They could do it pretty quietly with the hook, thus, staying hidden from enemies who might be nearby. 

Plenty of players praised the idea, pointing out that Rampart can destroy her own walls, so Pathfinder should be able to destroy ziplines. Other players weren’t so keen on the idea however. 

This isn’t a passive ability in any way nor does it fit Pathfinder’s role as a Recon class character,” said one, while another suggested that the passive buff should let Pathfinder travel faster on ziplines over everything else. 

While the idea might have some backing from fans, Respawn will probably go in a different direction so that the passive focuses on something else, rather than another use for the hook.