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Best new Apex Legends skin concepts for Wraith, Lifeline & more

Published: 31/Mar/2020 11:36 Updated: 31/Mar/2020 14:57

by Jacob Hale


Apex Legends has some of the most diverse and creative characters in the first-person shooter genre – and these incredible skins only amplify that, with some incredible new looks for the most popular Legends in the game.

With the likes of Wraith, Pathfinder, and Gibraltar, there is ample opportunity for players to find ones they like the look of, what plays best and which one suits them more than any other.

Of course, this is often represented in the cosmetic items available for each character, too, and these skin concepts just add another layer of interest, intrigue, and personality to your favorite Legend.


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Revenant – Undying God

Undying God Revenant.
This Aztec skin concept would definitely be unique to Apex Legends.

This Revenant skin concept from MoberRPG, named Undying God, fits perfectly with his character. His Death Totem ultimate is represented brilliantly with the Totem Pole-inspired look, which bears some similarities to Crash Bandicoot’s Aku Aku.

The Aztec stylings would definitely be a new look within the Apex Legends universe, and it may raise some questions over Revenant’s hitbox, considering he’s being held together only by his spine, but you can’t deny that it looks good.

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Cyberpunk Wraith

Cyberpunk Wraith.
Cyberpunk Wraith would certainly turn some heads.

Ketch_up3000 brought us this cyberpunk-inspired Wraith skin, removing some of the layers in a cool purple outfit that features various chains and a choker that capture the Cyberpunk look well.


The matching purple horns on Wraith’s head fit the style, as well as the use of make-up and the cape completing the look – it would definitely look intimidating if you saw her running at you.

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Lifeline meets JoJo

JoJo Lifeline.
Any anime fans would want to get their hands on this skin.

Any anime fan would love this one, as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is brought to one of the more popular characters in the game, Lifeline.

Lifeline already looks like a fun character, but this is even more pronounced with a lighter outfit and hair, the blonde streak matching the stylings in JoJo while the darker top, trousers and sleeves make the accessories really stand out. This was created by Patrez390.


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Undercover Nurse Caustic

Nurse Caustic.
This skin perfectly fits the current global health crisis.

Finally, XenotheBoi has taken inspiration from the ongoing global crisis and created this redesign of Caustic as an undercover nurse.

Although perhaps on the funnier side, this is still a brilliantly designed skin, especially considering what is going on in the world right now. As some in the comments said, this looks like it would be more commonly attributed to one of the female Legends – especially considering the skirt – but Xeno is clearly an inclusive player and hasn’t let that bother him.

The Apex Legends community continues to be as creative as ever, and it appears being locked away due to the current health crisis is only bringing out their creativity even more, giving us these fantastic skin concepts.


It’s safe to say that if any of these were added to the game, they would become pretty popular.