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Best Mirage ability tricks to bamboozle enemies in Apex Legends

Published: 13/Dec/2020 17:24

by Julian Young


When Apex Legends released, Mirage was one of the game’s weakest characters. After several buffs, he is now a viable Legend and content creator ‘Dayvu’ has shared some tricks to help players bamboozle their enemies using Mirage’s powerful tactical ability.

In Apex Legends, each character’s unique kit – passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities – define their playstyle and often their popularity. One of the weakest legends at the game’s release, the trickster Mirage has received several buffs, including a large rework.

Mirage can send out copies of himself that disappear after taking damage or a 60-second time limit expires. This ability can be used to confuse enemies, help players reposition and gain the upper hand in a firefight.


While Mirage’s tactical can be a powerful tool, many players do not maximize the potential of their decoys. In a video posted to his YouTube channel, content creator ‘Dayvu‘ has shared several tips to help Mirage mains unlock the full potential of his tactical ability. We break down the tips below.

Help push fights

Using a decoy effectively before actually engaging the enemy squad can turn the tide of the battle. There are two unique ways that you can gain the upper hand before pushing into the next fight.

You can send a decoy straight at the enemy and then follow directly behind them. This is especially handy for 1-v-1 engagements, as enemies will start shooting the decoy, and can be caught off-guard without any backup from their teammates.


Another way to use decoys as a fight begins is to send the decoy directly at the enemy but flank from a different direction. The enemy team will be distracted by the decoy, and you can move to a better position or attack from an unexpected angle.

Confuse enemies while taking cover

You can also use decoys while taking cover. Sending out a decoy from behind cover then peeking can be used in almost every fight, simply to help see where the enemy team is positioned while avoiding damage.

If you need to push out of cover, you can use their decoys to gain an advantage as well. Enemies will often focus on the first target they see, and this can provide you a chance to send out a decoy then reposition and attack from a different direction.


Apex Legends Mirage Season 0
Respawn Entertainment
Mirage has been buffed several times since Apex Legends released, and is a much stronger character than some players might remember.

Buy time while reloading

One of the most underrated and effective uses of Mirage’s tactical ability is using a decoy while reloading. Many players do not think to send out a decoy while reloading their weapon, but this trick can help turn an engagement against the enemy.

Sending out a decoy in this manner will distract an enemy and give you time to finish reloading. In a fast-paced BR like Apex Legends, enemies are always looking for a chance to push and gain the upper hand. Using a decoy to delay a push can completely change the outcome of an engagement.

Reveal the enemy

Decoys can also be used to reveal the enemy’s location. If you know that enemies are nearby but not sure exactly where, send out a decoy to bait them into revealing their position.


This can be done in several ways. You can simply track the enemy’s shots, but if the decoy takes damage, a marker will appear showing the exact location of the enemy who hit the decoy.

This technique also works with grenades. If a decoy is sent into a grenade blast or thermite burn, they take damage and reveal the location of the enemy who threw the grenade. This also works against Wattson’s fences, Revenant’s Silence, and the explosive ultimate abilities used by Bangalore and Gibraltar.

Apex Legends Mirage Season 7 Trailer
Respawn Entertainment
Smart players can use Mirage’s tactical ability in offensive and defensive situations.

Waste enemy resources

While not always necessary, wasting enemy grenades and ammo is an important tactic, especially in high-level ranked and competitive play. If a team uses all of their ammo, they will have to switch weapons and can be put at a disadvantage which is particularly helpful in end-game situations.


If you’re being shot by an enemy team, you can send out decoys and control them to confuse the enemy and waste some of their ammo before engaging.

Provide a distraction while repositioning

Mirage players can use decoys when moving in the open or rotating under fire to provide an extra layer of protection and confuse the enemy. This can be helpful against powerful snipers like the Kraber, as enemies might shoot the decoy first which gives the player time to escape.

You should always keep the decoy next to you when using it for cover. Many skilled enemies know that Mirage players often send their decoys out in front of them, so keeping the decoy next to your character while moving adds another layer of confusion.

Apex Legends Mirage Heirloom
Respawn Entertainment
As Mirage’s popularity in Apex Legends grew, Respawn gave him his very own Trophy Heirloom.

Distract enemies while healing

Another extremely valuable tactic, you can send out a decoy while healing to stop an enemy from pushing. In a game like Apex Legends where the timing of a heal can decide the outcome of a fight, using a decoy to buy a few extra seconds to pop a battery is invaluable.

As an added bonus, if the enemy destroys the decoy while pushing it will reveal their position.  Use this extra information to decide if there is time to heal again or if you need to engage.

Confuse enemies when using a jump tower

Mirage can send out decoys when jumping from the dropship at the start of the match, and this ability can also be used when flying off a jump tower. This is another easy trick that Mirage mains should always take advantage of.

When using a jump tower to reposition, you can send decoys out in different directions to confuse any nearby enemies. But, you should should maintain a steady flight pattern when doing this so enemies cannot tell which Mirage is a decoy and which one is real.

Apex Legends Mirage Holo-Day Bash
Respawn Entertainment
Mirage can be a deadly Legend in Season 7, if players know how to use his abilities to their full potential.

Confuse enemies while looting

Another easy and important use of Mirage’s decoys is sending them to a death box, which triggers a looting animation. This can be used by when you are still looting after a recent fight to distract an incoming third-party.

Even skilled enemies will fall for this trick, as players – especially on controller – often stand still while looting which makes the decoy even more believable in this situation.

That is the final point in this list of tricks to help Mirage mains gain the most from their tactical ability. Players who are new to Mirage – or just want some extra practice – can head into the firing range to test out Mirage’s tactical ability and practice some of these tricks.

While some players still think of Mirage as a useless character, his buffs in Seasons 5 and 7 transformed him into a powerful Legend, especially for players that know how to maximize his potential. After a bit of practice, any Mirage main can bamboozle their enemies without a second thought.