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Best Apex Legends skin concepts in May: Revenant, Bangalore, Wraith

Published: 6/Jun/2021 12:36 Updated: 7/Jun/2021 17:28

by Joe Craven


With the number of different characters in Apex Legends, the battle royale has plenty of material to inspire new cosmetic ideas and skin concepts. Here are some of our favorites from May 2021.

Apex Legends fans’ have established their penchant for designing their own characters skins, regularly sharing incredible artwork to the game’s subreddit.

Here, we’ve picked some of our favorite concept skins from May of 2021. Whether we see them in-game at any point is another matter, but it’s always enjoyable to look at how fans want to see their favorite legends.

‘Dressed to Kill’ Revenant

First up is a ‘dressed to kill’ Revenant look, with the skeletal assassin given a spine-tingling formal look. A waistcoat and tie are joined by a deep blue hood, in a truly suave rethinking of the spider-like mercenary. Artist @fayren on Twitter actually made the concept back in March of 2020, but it popped up again in May more than a year later, getting tons of love on Reddit and social media for a second time — and we can understand why.


Shipwrecked Revenant

Second is a ‘Shipwrecked’ Revenant look, giving the Synthetic Nightmare an incredible underwater vibe. Coral protrudes from Revenant’s shoulders, with torn fishing nets and remnants of a pirate ship also conspicuous.

Redditor ‘Cryophase‘ has created a skin that would look perfectly natural in a 100-year-old shipwreck at the bottom of the sea.

Anubis Revenant

Next up is another Revenant look, this time inspired by Egyptian mythology. Anubis was a a “jackal-headed god in Egyptian mythology who led the dead to judgment.” We can’t think of a more appropriate cosmetic skin for Revenant.

Gridiron Bangalore

It’s not just Revenant, though, as this awesome Bangalore look proves. U/LlamasRedditPink gives the Professional Soldier a gridiron-inspired overhaul, with thick armor. It suits her down to the ground.


Casual Wraith

Our penultimate skin is a Wraith one, overhauling her purple hair in favor of a vibrant red and throwing some thin white decoration on her dark overalls. It’s simple, but that’s sometimes the best.

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Samurai Revenant

We’re rounding off this compilation with one of the coolest concepts we’ve seen – giving Revenant a deeply jarring Samurai look. Not only is the Synthetic Nightmare donning a traditional outfit and helmet, but the attention to detail in small skulls hanging off the bodice make this sketch incredible.

U/Samuele_campo0 has created a skin that’s both awe-inspiring and terrifying in equal measure.


That rounds off our favorite skin concepts from May of 2021. We – like many other Apex fans – would love to see the ability for fan-designed skins to make their way into Apex’s store, but that’s a fairly big ask. We can enjoy them regardless.