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Best Apex legends skin concepts in March: Loba, Caustic, Wraith, more

Published: 28/Mar/2021 21:52 Updated: 31/Mar/2021 10:01

by Bill Cooney


With the amount of different characters in Apex Legends, the battle royale has plenty of material to inspire new cosmetic ideas and skin concepts. Here are some of the best from March 2021.

Cosplaying and fan art have been incredibly popular in the Apex Legends community since the game came out back in 2019, with creative fans sharing all kinds of ideas.

Here, we’ve gathered together some of the best skin concepts from March 2021, as fans continue to come up with new ideas for how their favorite Legends could be re-skinned.

Loba has always been a hit with Apex players and was certainly a popular choice this month, with our first design featuring the High Society Thief in a skin from u/francisbrownGG, called “Beast Slayer,” that looks like it would’ve fit right in during Season 1 if she had been around.


Loba looks perfectly content wearing what seems to be leftover scraps from a dead Revenant.

Next up is a skin from u/ABIBIBIBIBIBIABIGAIL that didn’t come with an official name, but one that fans have dubbed “Blue Gatorade” Caustic, and once you see it, it’ll quickly become apparent why.

The Gladiator of Gas now has bright blue skin, and his tanks are filled with a questionable blue liquid that we don’t think would taste too much like a sports drink. His bright skin contrasts nicely with the white-and-black uniform, and would be fairly different from any of his other looks as well.

He’s blue, but he won’t be doing the dying here.

If you wanted more Loba skins, you’re in luck! As Brazilian artist u/lsc_comics came up with an elegant idea based on  raucous Carnaval celebrations. Red is definitely the color of the day here, and her gold headdress will make you feel like the life of the party while mowing down enemy players.


Loba is ready to party for Carnaval.

Wraith was and continues to be one of Apex’s most popular legends and our next concept, from u/Martinsanuchiha, called “Ronin” is certainly different than anything else we’ve seen.

The Interdimensional Skirmisher looks ready to carve up the competition with a fearsome, red face mask and matching armor that your victims wouldn’t forget.

We could definitely see this skin being popular with Wraith mains.

We’ve finally come to our last featured Loba skin for the month, but don’t worry, as it’s definitely a good one. There are already a couple of swashbuckling skins in Apex, but none for the fan-favorite support legend like this design from u/hellblazer1919s, which gives her a skull epaulet and a look that has already won over the entirety of the Apex subreddit.


That’s got to be the best Apex Legends pirate skin we’ve ever seen.

The end of our list for March features the one and only Revenant in a design by u/Alb3rt0_RG that’s definitely in the running for the most unique of the ideas we’ve seen so far. Intricate gold designs cover the red and white plating, with the killer robot looking like he belongs more in a Louis Vuitton store than the Apex Games. We’d still probably rock it during a match though.

What’s the point of terrifying your enemies if you can’t look good doing it?

That’s it for our favorite Apex Legends skin concepts from March 2021! If anything, it goes to show just how much some talented fans really enjoy coming up with original ideas for their favorite game.


Whether Respawn will ever add the ability for fans’ skins to make their way into Apex Legends remains to be seen, but the desire for such a possible feature and more great designs like these is clearly present in the community.