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Best Apex Legends Halloween skin ideas: Octane, Revenant, more

Published: 16/Sep/2020 2:08

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community have created exciting designs for Halloween versions of the battle royale cast, and here are some of the best from talented fans.

Respawn Entertainment’s seasonal cosmetics have always been among the more beloved releases for the community. From the Monster Mashed Gibby skin to Deadly Byte Crypto, there have been some incredible Halloween designs from the studio.

But Apex fans have also been contributing with their ideas to the pot for Legend designs that would be excellent entries in the game’s already impressive array for Halloween releases.

Some of the community’s designs touch on all kinds of themes and inspirations. There’s traditional spooky takes, adorable renditions that borrow from the lore, and much more.


Witch Doctor Revenant

Kicking things off will be Reddit user ‘DoodleTeamLeader’s Witch Doctor Revenant design that attaches a ton of Halloween-inspired trinkets and details throughout every inch of the simulacrum.

There are shrunken heads, skulls, a coffin that would launch the Silence device on the wrist, and a snake that wraps around the towering assassin’s neck.

Spooky month is near, so have my witch doctor Revenant skin concept. Done with pigmas and tombow dual brushpens, 7 hours from apexlegends

Nessy Watts-zilla

To bleach our eyes with cuteness from that Revenant skin, ‘DhFanarts’ sized up Wattson in a Nessie doll outfit and made it look like she was terrorizing a city like Godzilla.

Ever since the lore expansions in Apex, Nessie dolls and Wattson have been incredibly popular in the community and this immaculately combines the two for what would be a fan-favorite.


Purge Octane

In almost a perfect adaptation for the ADrenaline Junkie, ‘FrostyPenHand’ created an Octane design that was directly inspired by the popular Purge franchise.

The skin shows Octane in a simple hoodie with a spray can that could substitute for his Stim. His mask also reflects the dystopic images from the movie.

Octane Halloween concept skin inspired by the purge movies from apexlegends

Scarecrow Revenant

Artist Mona ‘ZimTDraws’ built a concept for Revenant that uses his lanky frame for a twisted revision of a Scarecrow themed skin.

The design covers the murderous robot in a giant cloak, hat, and tattered pants. It’s a design that really suits the Fall holiday.

Frankenstein Wattson

An artist that goes by ‘bohater13’ recreated Wattson in the theme of Frankenstein’s bride, turning the Static Defender into an electrified monster that calls back to classic Halloween monsters.


The skin would really go well with the Legendary Gibby skin from the Fight or Fright Collection and could continue the trend of Legends redone in a classic movie monster themes.

Jigsaw Revenant

If it hasn’t been clear up until now, people really want a Halloween skin for Revenant. The menacing bot is the embodiment of terror and that shines in this skin inspired by the Saw movie series.

Revenant already has the skulking face that Billy, the iconic doll from the horror movies, can be seen with while riding his accompanying bike. The possibilities for unique voice lines with this skin are boundless.


There’s a lot of hype for this year’s Halloween cosmetics and what Apex Legends skins could be included with them. For now though, these concept designs should hold people over while we wait for news on this year’s seasonal event.