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Best Apex Legends controller layout settings to get an advantage

Published: 22/Nov/2020 12:35

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have got some unique controller layouts that could, after some practice, give you a leg up in certain situations. It may also help you keep up with keyboard and mouse players in crossplay lobbies.

Unlike other battle royales, Apex Legends has characters with unique abilities, so mastering a certain legend could, very well, lead to victory after victory, but it isn’t a guarantee.

To be a real Apex Predator, you’ve got to master weapon recoil, landing spots, and rotations, otherwise, you could be caught cold. On top of that, the cream of the crop also have ridiculous movement skills that make them hard to hit. 


For a large majority of these players, those movement skills are enhanced by the button layout they use – regardless of whether it’s through a keyboard and mouse or a controller. Though, there is a new layout that could give controller users an even bigger leg up.

Horizon smiling in Apex Legends
Being able to master a legend like Horizon is just one part of the puzzle in Apex.

It comes courtesy of Reddit user xChallen6er, who has created the layout to make it easier for players to jump and crouch – rather than the two buttons being on opposite ends of the controller.

What the Redditor has done is move the sprint control to the right thumbstick and the jump to the left thumbstick – with the crouch control being moved to the left shoulder control (L1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox.)


Apex Legends controller layout
Reddit: u/xChallen6er
The optimum controller layout for improved movement.

Everything else is pretty much the same as typical controls – aiming being L2/LT and shooting being R2/RT. Though, one difference is that a character’s ultimate is X/A – making it slightly easier to use. 

As the player notes, it is a bit of a drastic change, and it would take some time to get used to if players decided to make the switch. 

It might not work everyone, as players are comfortable with different setups, but throwing sprint and jump so close together could work wonders if mastered.

The ability to more easily spam crouch with the bumper button makes you a much harder target during a gunfight, while also allowing you to aim. Players with modified controllers with extra buttons can get around this by default, but this button layout helps players with just standard PlayStation or Xbox controllers.