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Apex Legends • Feb 27, 2019

Best Apex Legends character skin concepts - Bangalore, Bloodhound, Mirage and more

Best Apex Legends character skin concepts - Bangalore, Bloodhound, Mirage and more

Apex Legends' unique take on the battle royale genre, with the addition of hero's like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege, means fans can design their own skin concepts for their favorite legends.


The eight initial Legends (with more to come) all have plenty of skin options to choose from, which players can either unlock with crafting materials or in Apex Packs.

Ranging from common to legendary, these skins vary from simple color changes to entire outfit swaps, with new helmets and gear - and even hairstyles in the case of Wraith.


As a free to play game, it's expected that Respawn will be adding new skins for players to buy (through Apex Packs or the store), and fans are already giving the developers some inspiration.

Here's some of the best fan-made skin concepts for Apex Legends.


Bangalore's current offering of skins aren't quite as exotic as some of legendary skins for other characters, but this new look by u/catchthirtythree33 would certainly have Bangalore mains excited.

In her right hand is a knife - which could perhaps be an heirloom similar to Wraith's knife.

A more deadly and fierce looking weapons expert.



There's been plenty of Bloodhound skin concepts, ranging from Predator to Terminator, but one that is a little more realistic is this very literally imagining of a 'Bloodhound', by u/SonaHarpLadyy

This Bloodhound concept took the legend's namesake literally.


This is a bit of a silly one, and almost certainly will never happen, but one Apex fan, @Loudwindow, thought that Mirage would look great in Tracer's Overwatch gear. 

Unfortunately, we doubt this will ever be in the game.


This one isn't entirely fan-made - but there's a good chance this Chappie concept for Pathfinder might actually make it into Apex Legends.

Both Neil Bloomkamp and Respawn's Vince Zampella said they would love for this to be added to the game.

Chappie Pathfinder might be coming soon.

The battle pass for Apex Legends is expected to release in March, and there will presumably be lots of new skins added then - as well as entire new Legends (some of which have already been leaked).

Respawn have been very active on social channels since release, and have complimented lots of fan-art - so maybe they are taking some inspiration already.