Bangalore’s Smoke can actually be used to eliminate Apex Legends players

Matt Porter
Respawn Entertainment

A clever Apex Legends player has shown how Bangalore’s Smoke Grenade can be used as an offensive tool, using it to knock an opponent who hid during a tense gunfight on World’s End.

Bangalore’s Smoke Grenade ability has plenty of uses, able to provide cover as you retreat, block off lanes to stop opponents from pushing towards you or give you a way to sneak towards enemies in search of eliminations.

One clever Apex Legends player has found a way to use them as an offensive weapon though, knocking an opponent after some quick thinking using the Smoke Grenade.

Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore’s Smoke Grenade has plenty of uses.

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Uploaded to Reddit by /u/halo_shot, the player found themselves in a long-range battle with an enemy, peppering them with shots using a Hemlok, as they ran and took cover behind a wall.

With the opponent likely thinking that they had found momentary safety behind their cover, halo_shot quickly whipped out the Smoke Grenade, aiming it towards the wall their enemy had ducked behind, firing off a shot. Seconds later, not only had the Smoke Grenade gone off, but the enemy was knocked down.

Due to the distance of the shot, it’s hard to tell whether the small explosion that goes off when the grenade is activated or if direct impact from it were the cause of the knockdown, but both are equally as useful, and can deal damage to already-weakened players who have yet to heal up after a gunfight.

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The explosion is even powerful enough to blow off doors, so could be a useful way to distract opponents or breach buildings without needing to get too close for the original entry,

Of course, this isn’t a useful trick in every scenario but is a handy tip that could spell the difference between victory and defeat should you utilize it as accurately as halo_shot did in this clip.