Apex Legends

Apex Legends' next character could be Bangalore's brother

by square1


Apex Legends players think they have some inkling about a possible new hero after Fortnite Battle Royale - amassing over 50 million players who had dropped in for at least one match.

Yet, since then, progress has been slow - with the game’s popularity beginning to dwindle. There is a new set of seasonal content set to release in June, however, hints at what is set to come have been limited. However, some fans believe that the newest character could be related to someone that is already in the game.

Bangalore is one of the most used legends in Apex Legends.

On May 24, Respawn released some additional backstory for the Bangalore Legend, documenting how her real name is Anita Williams and how served as a part of the IMC alongside her brother Lieutenant Jackson Williams.

Towards the end of the lengthy account, the lore notes that Bangalore very much believes that her brother is still alive, even though the released promo images for Apex Legends show that he fell from the sky after the ISM Hestia ship was busted open.

That hasn’t stopped some fans crafting theories that Jackson Williams could, somehow, be set to become a new legend in-game.

One member of the Apex Legends subreddit immediately mocked up a thread entitled “Bangalore’s brother is coming,” with an image from the Respawn lore article attached.

While some fans dismissed the idea, considering the article states that Jackson is dead despite Bangalore’s protests, others bought in. One Redditor commented: “I love the lore around this game and the Titanfall universe. adds a unique element.”

Another, with the username therealmozone, joked about the speed in which characters have been released. “Will probably be available in 3 years,” they added.

Now, this is all speculation and there hasn’t been any word about Bangalore’s relative becoming a new legend. In fact, the only hints about the next new character have pointed towards Wattson - an electricity-based hero.

Popular Twitch streamer Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek previously revealed that he’s played as a yet-to-be-released character, stating that it’s “going to be cool, but it's not going to be that sick.”

It remains to be seen if Respawn will release a new character with the start of season two - which is slated to kick-off at some point in June. However, at least the door may now be open for Bangalore to get some familiar help.