Balanced Mozambique change would make it a standout Apex Legends shotgun

Respawn Entertainment

The Mozambique is the worst weapon in Apex Legends, but this popular fan concept could give it a much-needed helping hand. 

Just like every battle royale title, Apex Legends features plenty of unique guns for players to find and use in their matches. Of course, not all weapons are made equal and there are a number that see limited use from the player base. Whether it’s down to their lackluster damage, poor accuracy, or high skill ceiling, the BR title features many guns that struggle to shine. 

One of those guns is none other than the humble Mozambique. The Mozambique is one of the worst guns in the entire game, with the majority of players neglecting it completely. Not only does it boast pitiful damage it also has a slow projectile range, which makes hitting mobile Legends particularly difficult. However, a new fan concept could help give the Mozambique the boost it needs to become better than ever before. 

Mozambique buff ideaRespawn Entertainment
This idea would certainly help buff the Mozambique.

The pint-sized shotgun has remained at the bottom of the weapons tier list since Apex Legends’ release. While Respawn has tweaked the Mozambique over the years, it has still struggled to make a good name for itself.  Instead, the gun is often featured in meme compilations and jokes online. 

However, an interesting fan concept has cropped up online that could transform this underpowered gun into a viable close-range option. Instead of buffing the shotgun’s fire rate or increasing its range, the Mozambique could be dual-wielded. This would enable the gun to perform more akin to an actual shotgun. 

The "Bittersweet" recolor, which requires the Mozambique's Impulse Fire skin.Respawn Entertainment, via Shrugtal
The Mozambique continues to be an unpopular weapon choice.

“I just want to experience this for one day…that’s all I ask,” says Zavexheart. “Because April 2021 Fools’ Day [Mozambique change] was awesome. 9 bullets, 30 damage. That junk was crazy fun. It was like the only thing that dropped too! I sure would like to see this make into play… screw Quickdraw.”

Of course, many players noted that Mozambique’s damage per pellet, ADS, reload speed, and mag size would have to be adjusted.  “I could almost guarantee that an akimbo attachment for mozam would result in a nerf to the base stats,” says calse-fonsciousness. “Imagine 12 rounds of purple bolt mozam spray. That sh*t would be so busted.”

Whether Respawn decides to experiment with this idea remains to be seen, but it would certainly make for an interesting addition, and one that would certainly put this underappreciated gun in the spotlight.