Baffling Apex Legends bug is still switching out characters before a match starts

apex legends character selectRespawn Entertainment

There’s an Apex Legends bug that’s still catching players off-guard in Season 11 by randomly switching out their character pick right before a game starts, and it’s rearing its head in the latest event.

Players have been contending with this issue, and its slight variations, for years and it’s popping up again shortly after the Dark Depths event got underway. There’s no way to account for it either; sometimes players are denied during the character select screen and sometimes it can happen when the game gets underway.

It’s a bad lottery to win and it’s apparently been happening to more people lately, according to some comments in a Reddit post showcasing the bug.

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User ‘BluNinjaBuddii’ showed how it happened to them. While it looked like Apex was behaving normally, the player was stunned to see the game change his pick as soon as they exited the dropship.

Apex Legends character switch bug

The Apex Legends character select bug showed up well after everyone in the lobby had already locked in their picks. Though the player chose, loaded into the map, and expected to play Seer, they glitch swapped them out to Pathfinder at the last second.

“I thought I picked Seer,” the player quipped. Though odd, there are some Apex Legends who are quite familiar with the strange occurrence.

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“Wait, I could of sworn this happened to me last night too,” another person chimed in. “I picked Octane, then I’m suddenly Caustic when landing.”

A few more people in that thread reportedly dealt with the issue and there’s not much people can do if they come across it in their games.

apex legends character selectRespawn Entertainment via u/BluNinjaBuddii
The Apex Legends player’s Seer pick was registered by the game, but they still exited to dropship as Pathfinder.

At the time of writing, Respawn haven’t listed the issue on its Apex Tracker which lists different issues they are actively investigating or that have been recently resolved.

If more people experience Apex’s character switch bug in the coming weeks, then Respawn could take a closer look at the issue to troubleshoot a meaningful fix.

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